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With a request for local GAA pitch side sponsorship banner, decided to refresh and refocus logo brand. Time to make use of the name. Clicking on the address above still takes you to QUINTIN QS etc. Hopefully logo appears pitchside in Ballygalget GAC soon. For those who don’t know, my late father was a lighthouse […]

A surprising question asked today. What is the purpose of a Pre Tender Estimate? A pre-tender estimate in construction serves several important purposes: It’s important to note that pre-tender estimates are preliminary and may not reflect the actual final cost of the project. They are based on various assumptions and historical data, which can change […]

QUINTIN QS is providing clients with a protected dedicated page on the ( website which provides a regular updated one page executive summary of all jobs where involved in our QS capacity. Therefore from any device or PC, clients able to simply monitor status of jobs in terms of estimates, valuations, pending final accounts […]

Selecting bidders who are competitive is crucial in any procurement process, as it ensures that the organization obtains the best value for money while fostering a fair and transparent bidding environment. Here are some key reasons why selecting competitive bidders is important: While selecting competitive bidders may require more time and effort upfront, the potential […]

Successfully registered with CAA with Operator & Flyer ID Drone registration is an important requirement in the United Kingdom for operating unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones, in a responsible and safe manner. Here are some key points about the importance of drone registration in the UK: By complying with drone registration requirements, […]

No matter what is being built, effective control of all information, whether Pre or Post Contract, can ensure minimal risk of not reaching the end point effectively and efficiently. In JCT (Joint Contracts Tribunal) contracts, it is generally recommended that all design team information be issued through the Contract Administrator. Here are some key reasons […]

Update: 28-03-2024….as Spring of 2024, we are offering 20% discount on coupons for digitizing/estimates/pricing, until 1st August 2024. Two hurdles emerging… 1….Planning approval. We are advising clients to avail of our QS services and ensure their planning applications are affordable before lodging plans. 2….On reach build stage, mortgage companies are limiting their offers, not withstanding […]

When it comes to building a house in the UK in a cost-effective manner, there are several materials to consider: It’s important to note that material costs can vary significantly depending on your location, the size of the project, and other factors. Additionally, you should consider the long-term energy efficiency and maintenance costs when evaluating […]

Consideration is being given to participation in a special project. Sometimes you just have to ask to gain a foothold in some iconic projects. May work out, may not. Trying anyway ! Professional background and with an interest in photography, and access to cameras, video drones etc, certain things should be recorded for prosperity as […]

Primarily as backup, Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite internet installed in the event of powerful Fibrus fibre internet going offline due to overhead cable final delivery of fibre broadband in rural areas and risk of damage to cabling. Such is the need for zero business interruption, QUINTIN QS had to enact Plan B. Installer INit Group […]

St Mary’s Church, Belfast are undertaking refurbishment work adjacent to the existing church to provide additional office and function space. Trocaire are relocating from their current location elsewhere in Belfast. Tenders due out March 2024 subject to client approval to proceed. Update: 5th March 2024 – Stage 4 Tender documents due for completion by Friday […]

  Clients should avoid promises and declarations from builders in the absence of transparent competitive tendering, properly carried out by an independent QS. On a recent scheme, approx £20,000 variance between the ‘friendly’ builder quoting direct to client and actual lowest tender, which turned out not to be from the ‘friendly’ builder ! A recent […]

On the island of Ireland, North and South, to help QUANTUM ALL ISLAND registered local businesses,  post Brexit, and with re-start of NI Executive pending, QUINTIN QS has expanded the use of QUANTUM ALL ISLAND to assist all businesses to reach and expand their customer base. We are rolling out the addition of advertising / […]

Our sincere gratitude to past clients for entrusting us with their business. We hope to provide them with more satisfactory service and opportunities in the coming year 2024. And very grateful for new clients also.

Update: 23rd December 2023 Preparation works continuing. Power on, and sales floor lighting commissioning looks complete. Envisage a New Year push to fit out floor with shelving, tills, product etc. Fair play to Asda, not wasting time. Orginal post: Asda showing their commitment to Downpatrick by erecting a temporary store. Not just a click and […]

At this special time of year, we give thanks for clients (Public/Private/Developers/Builders/Sub-contractors) who have availed of our QS services. We would like to express our sincerest appreciation for the trust you have placed in us and best wishes for the holidays. We continue to provide QS services over the holiday period, as needs arise.

‘Change of banking details’ fraud – where fraudsters impersonate legitimate suppliers in order to divert payments of invoices into their own accounts – continues to be prevalent and is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Companies need to be aware of this scam and how to implement the proper controls to prevent themselves becoming duped. How does it […]

Where thinking of building or repairing anything in the built environment, we are offering clients an insight to the QS world. A quantity surveyor is a professional in the construction industry who manages costs and financial aspects of construction projects. They typically work on estimating and controlling project costs, preparing budgets, and ensuring that projects […]

Causeway Technologies provide our software technology and information solutions to various aspects of construction, including NEC Contracts. Are you looking for more information on NEC? Causeway have created a brand-new content hub full of blogs, webinars and guides covering all things NEC which you can access here. NEC is designed to encourage collaboration with a […]

When a new build property is constructed, lenders will require a new homes warranty, such as the National House Building Council (NHBC) to be put in place on completion of the property. If a warranty is not available, then a Professional Consultant Certificate can be acceptable to lenders instead. In issuing these PCC documents, supporting confirmation of […]

UK wide: The Environment Act 2021 introduced significant changes for the construction industry, and it will also mean additional considerations for lenders choosing to fund construction projects. From January 2024, the new ‘Biodiversity Net Gain’ (BNG) requirements will apply to projects requiring planning permission with limited exemptions for small sites, which are expected to require […]

Clients should stipulate their budgets to designers and make them legally responsible for exceeding such budget. A recent interesting legal judgement on Architects designing to a budget and the legal ramifications. Tap on top image for link to legal article. Elaborate designs drawn up & planning applications continue to be made, irrespective of whether clients […]

QUINTIN QS upgraded software for BIM compatability and adopting latest version of Causeway Suite of software which includes CADmeasure,  to enhance services to clients. If you require Price Lists or Bills of Quantities prepared, in CITE, Excel or other formats, please contact Kevin Barry ( or WhatsApp on 07989535225 for quotation; Currently working for public/private […]

Update: Internet restored 3.50pm on 9th June 2023. Fundamental problem remains as cabling should be placed underground at same location due constraints on headroom above. Action on this matter requested through the appropriate responsible authorities. Apologies Clients. On the evening of 2nd June 2023, due to foreseen circumstances, agricultural equipment has snapped the BT Openreach/Fibrus […]

Update:24-05-2023 Little change since Nov 2017. When Architects/Contract Administrators issue Pricing Schedules as part of Drawings and Spec Tender issue, at the very least, tender assessment should be carried out on the basis of comparing each contractors Pricing Schedule. On a recent scheme, only one contractor submitted Pricing Schedule fully completed and recommendation was made […]

Negotiated the refurbishment of a period property in Myrtlefield Park, Belfast and phase 1 to commence within next few weeks. As energy efficiency chart shows, a significant amount of work required to improve energy efficiency and within scope of works. A popular road, in the company of some well known builders, with their signs currently […]

As the above image shows, no matter what currency, $6 or £6 buys you less in an inflationary period. With building works, same principle applies. Your budget shall build you less m2/ft2 today, as compared to same period last year and due to continue during 23/24, albeit at a slowing rate of increase. If planning […]

The BCIS have announced thier predictions for the year ahead and noted below. The construction industry starts the year in a strong position. But 2023 will be a tough year for some sectors of the industry as demand falls. However, it has proved itself resilient to many challenges over the past few years. What we’re […]

Not every business out there serves our necessities. Some of them also serve our entertainment needs and luxurious choices. non essential businesses are those entities that help us relax from our mundane lives. During the pandemic lockdown, these businesses were the first to close and will be the last to reopen.  Now, with Cost of […]

In the North of Ireland, 15 years ago, people were rushing to build elaborate, five or six-bedroom houses in the country, fueled in part by the easy credit and the desire for country living. Many poured thousands into these spacious homes, planning to live out their golden years in designer properties with all the bells […]

Transparent procurement strategies attract quality bids, secure best value prices and deliver better outcomes. Transparency needs to be hardwired into procurement as a lack of it can result in diminished due diligence, rushed solutions and poor-quality tenders, and may lead to several problems downstream in implementation. The importance of transparency is highlighted in the UK Construction Playbook, which […]

Attached is a copy of the installation guide issued by Fibrus to indicate how connections made. As active rollout underway in the Upper Ards area, sharing this information. Any queries on installation should be made directly to Fibrus representatives.

At certain times, undertaking construction works large or small, Negotiation can be considered a more viable option where certain conditions are evident. With end of COVID-19 and the outworking of Brexit, Westminster woes,  and no local Executive, strange times prevail. Many factors determined the completion of a project, based around timing, cost and quality. Where […]

Hi, Price Increase for all Products Thank you for your ongoing business and support during these challenging times. As a business over the last year we have absorbed significant costs in raw materials and manufacturing.  Many other manufacturers have increased prices throughout the year. We decided against this to allow our customers stability but more […]

The report provides a detailed comparison and assessment of housing taxes across OECD countries. It shows that many countries still levy recurrent property taxes on outdated property values, even though this reduces revenue and fairness. A number of countries continue to rely heavily on transaction taxes, despite their potential impact on residential and labour mobility. […]

Recently, 3 contractors in competitive bidding, on a NI scheme < £100,000 – with BQ where scope of works measured and specified. Range between quotes was approx £28,000; lowest tender was 55% saving on 3rd place tender, and 42% saving on 2nd place tender. There are benefits to procuring work in a simple, but fully […]

In recent months, Architects and Clients inquiring about the rising cost of materials and labour on construction projects. Available for download are documents giving some background information. Where the price risk transferred 100% towards the tendering contractor, their tendered quotation has to include for all future price changes and resulting in overall higher tenders being […]

During the American Revolution, the legal separation of the thirteen colonies from Great Britain in 1776 actually occurred on July 2, when the Second Continental Congress voted to approve a resolution of independence that had been proposed in June by Richard Henry Lee of Virginia declaring the United States independent from Great Britain’s rule.[5][6] After voting for independence, Congress turned its attention to the Declaration of Independence, a […]

Another call this evening to assess a runaway builder. Can people be reminded not to pay out for materials in advance ! Employ someone to oversee your significant expenditure….it’s worth the fee. Update further…..

Background In the late 1960s, the Northern Ireland Government established a Committee chaired by the Rt Hon R W B McConnell to “examine the existing law for the general regulation of building in Northern Ireland in the light of recent changes in Scotland, England and Wales”. The Committee’s report, published in March 1970, recommended that […]

From a industrial/construction point of view, we are now witnessing a new economic iron curtain between the West & Russia, and the world does not know which side China is on, as fence sitting may not be sustainable nor desirable. The bottom line is price rises. Inflation over the reminder of the decade is foremost […]

As aluminium widely used throughout the construction and allied industries, signs of supply pressures have been building, and with events in Ukraine, manufacturing capacity being directly affected. Future supply availability and higher costs shall feed through to commercial and domestic schemes.

Interesting times - be ready to cast your important vote - don't waste it ! Let's aim for getting all existing legislation passed first, and for elections to take place on 5th May 2022. Early elections no benefit to most NI voters !

From April 2022, all construction and related industries as listed below, not able to continue using red diesel in their manufacturing processes. A further upward, indirect cost pressure to be passed down the customer chain. Which industries will be affected by red diesel changes? There are many industries which are set to lose out and […]

During 2021, business may have been tough, with tempers frayed over costs and key programme dates missed, with tradesmen not turning up when promising to do so……but at least, activities may not have descended to these levels on your sites. Here’s to a safe and peaceful 2022 !

A town’s Public Realm generally refers to the built environment – the streets, pavements, street furniture, trees and so on Working on a scheme in the UK to enhance an historic town centre.

Today’s number is 10 Tesla is swiftly improving quality and looks set to achieve a production time of just 10 hours per car at its Gruenheide plant, Germany. VW’s main electric-car factory in Zwickau needs more than 30 hours per vehicle, which should be reduced to 20 hours next year.  Competition time….less labour, more automation… […]

Involved in certain major schemes but due to confidentiality, cannot name. Shall give some flavour of QS input skills, considerations and thought processes adopted as schemes progress from idea to build stage. Further information shall follow each Friday as appropriate Update: 12th November 2021 To begin, in the public sector especially, certain projects come along, […]

Today’s number of concern being highlighted is the % increase in the price of NI home heating oil, only from last quotation in September 2021. In terms of reaching the lofty targets on climate change, those less able to afford this fuel oil shall achieve these targets with ease, given that they will not be […]

Click on logo above for website. Patterson Protective Coatings Ltd was formed in 1997 and since then our team has grown steadily in an effort to keep up with the customer demand for our products and services. We pride ourselves on putting the customer first and it is that attention to customers’ needs that has driven […]

QUINTIN QS invited to offer advice on a major private housing scheme in Cloughey, on the Ards Peninsula. Updated: 28th October 2021 Scheme recently received full planning permission. Good result 👏 for Planning Consultants/Architects. Discussions took place on favoured procurement route to deliver scheme, taking into account client requirements. Further information to follow. Update: 8th […]

In our experience, building projects would benefit from investment in a  Clerk of Works role during construction works ! Not any acting up role from another professional but a proper independent role, with powers. And not limited to scrutinizing the builder, but the professionals involved also. The role, to this day, is based on the […]

one4ballygalget Update: 22nd September 2021 QUINTIN QS continuing to support Ballygalget GAC in 2021. COVID-19 easements seen training and competition activities return and now reach completion with success. Appreciation to volunteers, coaching / training staff and club management involved in preparation for return of activities and the ongoing efforts to provide activities for all our […]

Within the British Isles, the construction industry has been notoriously slow in adopting the use of the internet across the complete supply chain. Yes, email and zoom is fast becoming the new normal amongst design teams and clients, but beyond that, usage begins to dwindle, fast. A silo mentality exists between sectors and suppliers in […]

‘Competitive tendering is a common method of procurement in the construction industry. Those tendering for a contract are often competing with others, and generally, none of the tenderers are aware of the quotes provided by each other; therefore, they are incentivised to submit their most competitive tender’ On larger schemes, not withstanding the hype surrounding […]

QUINTIN QS seeking online strategic alliance with a forward thinking builders supplier, as an anchor tenant for QUANTUM, to develop its all Ireland brand reach, for cross selling purposes. The QUANTUM platform is the online version of the traditional shopping mall, and with COVID-19, the traditional business models are being changed, permanently. Message if interesting […]

For builders and sub-contractors, securing work has many avenues. word of mouth, past contacts, referrals, and open competitions. QUINTIN QS have built up a database of schemes, from initial estimates, to competitive tenders for small, medium and large schemes, of differing styles and shapes. In order to narrow the gap between a client thinking of […]

Update: 19th July 2021 With the UK experimentation on the gradual relaxation of restrictions, we are highlighting our ability to continue working, from our home office as required, to maintain continuity of services during these difficult times. Recently completed a school BQ (NRM) and currently involved in a gym fitout, pharmacy fitout and a new […]

QUINTIN QS were part of the design team for the provision of new Croi Eanna Community Hall, Hightown Road, Glengormley. Fresh from obtaining their recent awards, Architects Donnelly O’Neill were managing the building of this exciting scheme. Update: 6th July 2021 The design team re-assembled for Gym Fitout. Basement fitting out is being designed and […]

Infographic on the volume of planning applications received and decisions issued in 2020/21. Part of the sixth annual statistical bulletin to report on activity and performance since the transfer of planning powers to councils in April 2015.   Impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic: Planning activity and processing performance in 2020/21 were impacted by the restrictions put […]

At this juncture in June 2021, with COVID-19, outworking of Brexit, coupled with relatively loose economic policies, the construction industry is facing many challenges, and all coming to a head, one way or another. Higher material prices High labour costs Availability and delivery issues Supply/demand imbalance Although some of the above may be described as […]

A trend emerging over recent months, on small, and certain larger jobs, is the builder quoting for labour etc and ‘letting’ the client supply the materials. This is the builder making sure they do not getting caught for the increasing cost of materials being quoted by various suppliers and the demand for payment ahead of […]

An old custom or saying, It’s sort of indicating an alternate way of thinking about things in life or saying 1 person together and another person together are greater than just the 2. I.e. if you ask most people what is the # 1 and #1, they say 2, however it also could be 11. […]

Within QUINTIN QS, one question we get often from both new and existing clients is how do retainers work and do I need one, or would we benefit from one? The correct answer depends on whether you are a one off client, a repeat client, a developer, large or small builder or sub-contractor. In general, […]

Following the recent trend of material suppliers issuing advisory letters on price increases and availability issues, attached is the overarching letter from CEF, the sole certified representative organisation for the construction industry in Northern Ireland.

Looking to respond constructively to the COVID-19 pandemic, many architects have turned to what they know best: design and innovation. The new restrictions placed on society have been a catalyst to rethink much of what we take for granted in the built environment. The way the world has adapted to this new lifestyle may forecast […]

Material prices are moving apace. According to the Construction Leadership Council, plastics, cement, timber, roof tiles, bricks and imported materials such as plumbing and electrical products are in short supply. It should also be noted that the £1.6 billion funding for re-cladding unsafe blocks of flats could lead to a shortage of cladding generally. The […]

All input costs are rising as the Brexit/NI Protocol and the slow post COVID-19 scenario unfolding to the ‘new normal’ An example of the crossover has seen 12-15% increase in tender prices on particular projects, such is the near drastic change in the cost base of suppliers, trades and contractors attitude to risk in a […]

A view of roadside pavement works completed this week by Morrow Contracts as a subcontractor to DEENA Construction Ltd forming new sightsplays off the very busy Purdysburn Road, Belfast. Remainder of in-curtilage works nearing completion to facilitate access to new building sites within.