Update: 19th July 2021

With the UK experimentation on the gradual relaxation of restrictions, we are highlighting our ability to continue working, from our home office as required, to maintain continuity of services during these difficult times. Recently completed a school BQ (NRM) and currently involved in a gym fitout, pharmacy fitout and a new leisure centre facility for local clients to QUINTIN QS.

With the current wave of COVID-19 easing, the onset of winter ahead, the resultant slow and difficult impact on many business activities and restricted social contact, servicing existing contractual obligations still remains critical. 2021 shall be no different to 2020, given slowness and questionable effectiveness of vaccines, especially as being ‘talked up’ by UK Government and always underwhelming in terms of outcome. The self isolation requirement is also increasing, coincidentally, during current warm weather !

Best description thus far was global economy took the skyscraper’s penthouse level fast elevator down to the basement and taking the stairs back up again ! UK lethargic response is prolonging the pandemic into years as opposed to months, and the financial supports are proving too costly to bear. The proverbial scaffolding is being overloaded.

QUINTIN QS are working with leading consultancy practices and large / small construction companies to provide out-sourced, secure and trustworthy QS Services.

All businesses are re-assessing their positions and adapting their business models, if at all possible. The supply/demand equation has fundamentally been affected, in all spheres of life and business.

The UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak had to review plans to wind down the furlough wage subsidy scheme, on the assumption that demand would pick up slack. Unfortunately, that assumption is looking unrealistic with many sectors having excess capacity.

Controlling your costs and increasing business revenues is more critical than ever, and doing nothing is not wise leadership, such approach is destined for eventual failure.

With online business being part of the new normal, ZOOM is readily available for virtual meetings.

If your business has short or medium term requirements, we are willing to discuss, assisting you to manage the current/future restrictions on travel, social contact etc

Email to discuss if we can assist your business.

QUINTIN – CATO software

Compared to the Drawings & Spec form of tendering favoured by Architects and arrangements with favoured builders to sort out the details, procuring competitively tendered building work using a BQ (Bills of Quantities) is a craft in itself, where undertaken properly, and where appreciated by the recipients. Evidence of NI Government departments reverting to BQ option as other methods of procurement raising value for money issues. Private clients take note.

From the basic information given from the design team, we are tasked with converting the various aspects of the drawings and specification into a document capable of being priced with efficiency by all tenderers.

A well prepared BQ can be recognised by many estimators and well received by suppliers when sourcing sub-contract quotations.

To assist in this endeavour, QUINTIN QS has adopted and updated the BIM compliant full suite of CATO software to enlarge, strengthen and drive efficiencies in our QS Services to clients, builders and developers.

Click on CATO link above to view details.