The BCIS have announced thier predictions for the year ahead and noted below. The construction industry starts the year in a strong position. But 2023 will be a tough year for some sectors of the industry as demand falls. However, it has proved itself resilient to many challenges over the past few years. What we’re […]

Update:23-01-2023 Little change since Nov 2017. When Architects/Contract Administrators issue Pricing Schedules as part of Drawings and Spec Tender issue, at the very least, tender assessment should be carried out on the basis of comparing each contractors Pricing Schedule. On a recent scheme, only one contractor submitted Pricing Schedule fully completed and recommendation was made […]

Not every business out there serves our necessities. Some of them also serve our entertainment needs and luxurious choices. non essential businesses are those entities that help us relax from our mundane lives. During the pandemic lockdown, these businesses were the first to close and will be the last to reopen.  Now, with Cost of […]

In the North of Ireland, 15 years ago, people were rushing to build elaborate, five or six-bedroom houses in the country, fueled in part by the easy credit and the desire for country living. Many poured thousands into these spacious homes, planning to live out their golden years in designer properties with all the bells […]

Transparent procurement strategies attract quality bids, secure best value prices and deliver better outcomes. Transparency needs to be hardwired into procurement as a lack of it can result in diminished due diligence, rushed solutions and poor-quality tenders, and may lead to several problems downstream in implementation. The importance of transparency is highlighted in the UK Construction Playbook, which […]

Attached is a copy of the installation guide issued by Fibrus to indicate how connections made. As active rollout underway in the Upper Ards area, sharing this information. Any queries on installation should be made directly to Fibrus representatives.

At certain times, undertaking construction works large or small, Negotiation can be considered a more viable option where certain conditions are evident. With end of COVID-19 and the outworking of Brexit, Westminster woes,  and no local Executive, strange times prevail. Many factors determined the completion of a project, based around timing, cost and quality. Where […]