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QUINTIN QS provides an independent, cost effective and flexible QS service to the NI / EU ROI construction industry, and founder of QUANTUM COMMERCIAL, an inquiry platform for customers and suppliers, designed to expand in the future, on an all island of Ireland basis, county by county, for easier, efficient business purposes, with continued British Isles/EU focus. The procurement objective is to award the right contract to the right supplier.


Updated 23-04-2021…..With COVID-19 and lockdown 3 easing, we are in exceptional circumstances.


Allied to this, with the continued population of QUANTUM COMMERCIAL, we aim to expand our services to provide a simple means of sourcing trades and services on one platform, to facilitate the connection of customers to suppliers, available 24/7 and 365 days per year, never sleeping !  We welcome all suppliers and service providers, increasing the choices available. Small, rural, parish based, niche suppliers and service providers are especially welcome as QUANTUM COMMERCIAL levels the playing field in terms of big firms against small firms.

No cold calling – direct email contacts are provided on listed products / services for ‘hot calling’ in return. Multiple, instantaneous inquiries can be broadcast with simplicity.

Welcome any constructive suggestions to expand and improve the services provided.


To settle QUINTIN QS invoices, online secure settlement of invoices is available, using the secure PayPal me link shown, or request Paypal Business invoice for settlement by credit and debit cards.


QUANTUM COMMERCIAL, a simple tool for the inquiry process. Live advertising, local firms, direct email links, available 24/7/365, the QS never sleeping 😴

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