05 Dec 2023

At this special time of year, we give thanks for clients (Public/Private/Developers/Builders/Sub-contractors) who have availed of our QS services. We would like to express our sincerest appreciation for the trust you have placed in us and best wishes for the holidays. We continue to provide QS services over the holiday period, as needs arise.

20 Nov 2023

Where thinking of building or repairing anything in the built environment, we are offering clients an insight to the QS world. A quantity surveyor is a professional in the construction industry who manages costs and financial aspects of construction projects. They typically work on estimating and controlling project costs, preparing budgets, and ensuring that projects […]

25 Oct 2023

Causeway Technologies provide our software technology and information solutions to various aspects of construction, including NEC Contracts. Are you looking for more information on NEC? Causeway have created a brand-new content hub full of blogs, webinars and guides covering all things NEC which you can access here. NEC is designed to encourage collaboration with a […]

24 Oct 2023

When a new build property is constructed, lenders will require a new homes warranty, such as the National House Building Council (NHBC) to be put in place on completion of the property. If a warranty is not available, then a Professional Consultant Certificate can be acceptable to lenders instead. In issuing these PCC documents, supporting confirmation of […]

23 Oct 2023

UK wide: The Environment Act 2021 introduced significant changes for the construction industry, and it will also mean additional considerations for lenders choosing to fund construction projects. From January 2024, the new ‘Biodiversity Net Gain’ (BNG) requirements will apply to projects requiring planning permission with limited exemptions for small sites, which are expected to require […]

20 Oct 2023

Clients should stipulate their budgets to designers and make them legally responsible for exceeding such budget. A recent interesting legal judgement on Architects designing to a budget and the legal ramifications. Tap on top image for link to legal article. Elaborate designs drawn up & planning applications continue to be made, irrespective of whether clients […]

19 Jul 2023

QUINTIN QS upgraded software for BIM compatability and adopting latest version of Causeway Suite of software which includes CADmeasure,  to enhance services to clients. If you require Price Lists or Bills of Quantities prepared, in CITE, Excel or other formats, please contact Kevin Barry (mail@kevinbarryqs.com) or WhatsApp on 07989535225 for quotation; Currently working for public/private […]

28 Jun 2023

Update: 28-06-2023…as we mid point of 2023, we are offering 20% discount on coupons for digitizing/estimates/pricing, until end of 2023. Two hurdles emerging… 1….Planning approval. We are advising clients to avail of our QS services and ensure their planning applications are affordable before lodging plans. 2….On reach build stage, mortgage companies are limiting their offers, […]

06 Jun 2023

Update: Internet restored 3.50pm on 9th June 2023. Fundamental problem remains as cabling should be placed underground at same location due constraints on headroom above. Action on this matter requested through the appropriate responsible authorities. Apologies Clients. On the evening of 2nd June 2023, due to foreseen circumstances, agricultural equipment has snapped the BT Openreach/Fibrus […]