28 Apr 2022

Following on from COVID-19 and the cost of living shock through which we are living and the changing geopolitical outlook with the invasion of Ukranine, now is the time to seriously switch tracks and reduce dependancy on paying dearly for what were once abundant natural resources. Peoples incomes are best described as finite, and therefore, […]

08 Apr 2022

Background In the late 1960s, the Northern Ireland Government established a Committee chaired by the Rt Hon R W B McConnell to “examine the existing law for the general regulation of building in Northern Ireland in the light of recent changes in Scotland, England and Wales”. The Committee’s report, published in March 1970, recommended that […]

23 Mar 2022

Evidence suggests that NI DfC assistance to eligible homeowners/consumers around the 10th March 2022 was wiped out by oil suppliers increasing prices thus the homeowner/consumer did not benefit from such assistance. As DfC monies issued, oil cost rose to £1.30/litre cost on 10th March 2022 and today is £0.89/litre thus indicating that oil prices were […]

21 Mar 2022

From a industrial/construction point of view, we are now witnessing a new economic iron curtain between the West & Russia, and the world does not know which side China is on, as fence sitting may not be sustainable nor desirable. The bottom line is price rises. Inflation over the reminder of the decade is foremost […]

18 Feb 2022

Update: 18-02-2022…With COVID-19 still foremost in our minds, and as we head towards Easter 2022, we are offering 20% discount on coupons for digitizing/estimates/pricing, until end of 2022. Two hurdles emerging… 1….Planning approval. We are advising clients to avail of our QS services and ensure their planning applications are affordable before lodging plans. 2….On reach […]

21 Jan 2022

From April 2022, all construction and related industries as listed below, not able to continue using red diesel in their manufacturing processes. A further upward, indirect cost pressure to be passed down the customer chain. Which industries will be affected by red diesel changes? There are many industries which are set to lose out and […]