18 Jan 2021

To contain rising costs, given the tariffs being applied to GB sourced steel due to the possible final destination being the EU single market, NI designers and contractors may need to consider alternative steel sources to avoid tariffs, review elements containing steelwork, or ultimately, aim to design steel products out of their scheme.

15 Jan 2021

In preparation of BQ documents as part of tendering procurement, Clients and Contractors should be aware that SMM7 is still being used successfully within the UK and around the world but NRM2 is recommended by RICS as best practice.  In the worst-case scenario of a legal dispute, the court or tribunal might ask why NRM […]

08 Jan 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic gathers pace, and the outworkings of Brexit become evident, we are witnessing the total meltdown in the health service provision across the full range of services where severe pressures are mounting, and also for the general economy, not withstanding the financial props which exist (albeit not for everyone #excludedUK, #excludedNI) And […]

07 Jan 2021

QUINTIN QS supports the idea that all elite athletes participating in the reconvened Tokyo 2020 Olympics should receive their COVID-19 vaccines, if the Olympics goes ahead as planned, which is questionable! Nothwithstanding the importance of the elderly, vulnerable and front line staff receiving their vaccinations, the small group of elite athletes who have been continually […]

05 Jan 2021

Update: 5th January 2021 With 3rd lockdown happening and seemingly rolling lock-downs inevitable, we are highlighting our ability to continue working, from our home office as required, to maintain continuity of services during these difficult times. With the 3rd wave of COVID-19, the onset of winter, the resultant slow and difficult impact on many business […]