On the island of Ireland, North and South, to help QUANTUM ALL ISLAND registered local businesses,  post Brexit, and with re-start of NI Executive pending, QUINTIN QS has expanded the use of QUANTUM ALL ISLAND to assist all businesses to reach and expand their customer base.

We are rolling out the addition of advertising / installation videos to each category within QUANTUM ALL ISLAND.

Due to the increased use of social media and the portability of ipads, smartphones etc, there is a opportunity/necessity to connect customers with suppliers by explaining the nature of particular local products and services, with guidance costs, quickly and efficiently whilst browsing through QUANTUM ALL ISLAND.

There is no prerequisite for expansive websites by individual businesses which represent poor value for money and have very limited effect on attracting new customers. An online brochure is a kind description of most websites. The website designer more than likely benefited most from the expenditure by such businesses.

Click on image below to show video of installation of 3g surfacing.

Across all categories, opportunities exist for all local companies to demonstrate and encourage customers to avail of their respective product range, and allow direct contact to open discussions on specification and reach agreement on costs, irrespective of location or company size. Small, niche and bespoke businesses are put on a level playing field with bigger competitors.

To begin your company journey, register on QUANTUM ALL ISLAND and email your interest in availing of advertising / installation videos alongside product listings.