Little change since Nov 2017. When Architects/Contract Administrators issue Pricing Schedules as part of Drawings and Spec Tender issue, at the very least, tender assessment should be carried out on the basis of comparing each contractors Pricing Schedule. On a recent scheme, only one contractor submitted Pricing Schedule fully completed and recommendation was made to Client on the basis of one line tender figures from the competing contractors. Hardly a fair and transparent process of contract award !

Original blog post : 11-November 2017

Clients and their Architects should be mindful of the perception of saving money by not engaging a QS however limited their input, and competitively tender schemes to engage a builder to carry out proposed works.

Recently, having priced a new build dwelling for a small builder, competing builder managed to interpret drawings / spec to submit price 43k below our tender.

On closer analysis, through the pro bono services of a professional QS, it turns out that both tenders was virtually identical, with key elements of work excluded from competing tender.

Whilst Drawings & Spec saves a QS fee, insufficient tender assessment can be misleading to clients and a degree of negligence on the part of the Contract Administrator.

How many jobs have we priced with the above scenario and ultimately, clients paying dearer by the final account stage ?

Also, for competing contractors, fair tendering with use of a BQ, levels the playing field !

Request the provision of a Schedule or BQ before engaging valuable time and money pricing poorly prepared Drawings and Spec !