Value for your finite money

Following on from COVID-19 and the cost of living shock through which we are living and the changing geopolitical outlook with the invasion of Ukranine, now is the time to seriously switch tracks and reduce dependancy on paying dearly for what were once abundant natural resources. Peoples incomes are best described as finite, and therefore, value for money has to be uppermost in our actions going forward.

The cost of living is increasing and squeezing everyone, and projected to continue rising in the medium term.

In reality, the cheapest energy is that which you don’t use, and to a lesser extent, obtain by renewable sources. Insulation upgrades, double glazed windows, solar panels and heat pumps are the most obvious areas for domestic users of fuels/electricity.

QUINTIN QS intents to provide real time breakdown of current actual home costs and chart the progress in attempting to lower our cost of living, from a QS perspective, based on currently available technologies, covering water, fuel, and electricity. Within NI, we do not yet pay domestic water charges, but shall simulate such charges based on readily available data. A rainwater harvesting system was installed when dwelling built and used for greywater uses. If next Executive introduces domestic water charges, we shall directly benefit from RWH.

28-4-2022 Update

First stage of solar panel installation: PV array operational. Chose PV system by installer Bluebuild Renewables Ltd. A 5kw system, with Solar iboost. Scaffolding erected by Aztech Ltd on Wednesday and electrical works were completed on Thursday 14th April 2022. Panels installed on 25th April 2022 (24m2) on southern facing elevation (front elevation). Day 1…27kwh and Day 2… 26kwh generated. iboost+ activated and immersion heater provided full tank of hot water. PowerNI daily cost reduced by 50%. System functioning as designed. Oil usage for hot water to be turned off, whereby no oil usage throughout summer period, hopefully.

Following PV smart monitoring setup and separately, monitoring of individual circuits using Emporia Smart Home Energy Monitor, shall note the electricity generation and usage, sharing available data.

Second stage: If generating sufficient excess electricity, we shall consider storage battery installation, to be effectively 100% off grid.

On a side matter, Project Stratum (fibre to the premises) rollout has seen FIBRUS visit and mark out position for constructing chamber at entrance, and showing direction of ducting to premises. FIBRUS shall provide 50mm ducting FOC and we shall excavate/backfill trench, as carrying out other works in the area, all ahead of planned FIBRUS visit to the area in November/December 2022, hopefully.

In rural areas, each homeowner should review their preferred requirements as to overhead/underground fibre intake and their distance from the main road. Click on install video below. {Not clear if homeowner requests underground fibre and its 200m to dwelling from roadway, shall excavation works be carried out FOC by FIBRUS}

Further information to follow….