Not every business out there serves our necessities. Some of them also serve our entertainment needs and luxurious choices. non essential businesses are those entities that help us relax from our mundane lives. During the pandemic lockdown, these businesses were the first to close and will be the last to reopen. 

Now, with Cost of Living Crisis, Restaurants, cafes, take aways, theatres, museums, bars, gymnasiums, beauty parlours, shopping centres – everything fall into the list of non essential businesses. There are also concert venues, sporting venues, casinos, bowling alleys, recreational centres, racetracks, spas, barbers and salons that complete the list of non essential businesses. 

We consider them non essential businesses, as the name suggests, we don’t need them in our day-to-day life to survive. When the world is facing such challenging situations due to the current cost of living crisis, consumers shall stop using non-essential businesses to re-direct their income to essential services. You won’t watch a movie in a theatre if you fall sick, but you will require food even if you are sick. That’s the fundamental difference between an essential and a non-essential business. Same applies to energy, for light, heat and power. Priorities are shifting.