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Increased efficiencies and productivity are the words being quoted regularly now, to try and counter the inflationary environment in which we now must be accustomed to. In our area of QS service provision, we have to try and streamline our services and delivery processes. Namely, a first for online QS Services, and to offer fixed prices to the industry !

With positive feedback and growing use during 2022 by local clients and builders, we have increased the availability of various tokens, to simplify the purchase of fixed price QS services which QUINTIN QS offers, primarily as tokens A-F. A popular feature was token purchases as gifts for others embarking on aspects of construction works.

Digital Measurements (Token A-C)

A = Single Residential Site  – Stg £60

B= Multiple Residential Sites – Stg £80

C= Commercial Sites/Farmland holdings – Stg £120

Builders Pricing (Tokens D-F) New Builds/Extensions/Alterations to Residential Dwellings

D=Up to Stg £100,000 Scheme Value – Stg £145

E=Stg £100,001 to Stg £250,000 Scheme Value – Stg £225

F=Stg £250,001 to Stg £500,000 – £450

Service level includes BCIS elemental breakdown and Key trade Analysis.

% discount available, up to and including St Patrick’s Day 2023. Use SAVE20 as coupon code at checkout.

For existing clients and contractors, there is a special 50% discount available during same period. Please contact for 50% discount coupon code.

Further services to follow….