03 Jun 2021

An old custom or saying, It’s sort of indicating an alternate way of thinking about things in life or saying 1 person together and another person together are greater than just the 2.

I.e. if you ask most people what is the # 1 and #1, they say 2, however it also could be 11. Or in some cultures, it can mean two people together can be very powerful.

In small businesses, such as ‘one man band’, there can be benefits to teaming up with another, it does not need to be many to be effective !

In Marty Neumeier’s The Brand Gap, he writes that one plus one equals eleven. He describes this as the mathematics of collaboration. Essentially that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts; that when two people or companies come together meaningfully, the result is exponential and nothing short of magic.

Marty’s words spoke to our strong belief in the power of collaboration with our clients, our partners and our colleagues. Good traits for a business.

There you have it, the birth of a new philosophy and a new way of business.

Life is about relationships.