QUINTIN QS were part of the design team for the provision of new Croi Eanna Community Hall, Hightown Road, Glengormley. Fresh from obtaining their recent awards, Architects Donnelly O’Neill were managing the building of this exciting scheme.

Update: 6th July 2021

The design team re-assembled for Gym Fitout.

Basement fitting out is being designed and tendered to provide gym facilities as originally envisaged.

Further info to follow.

Practical completion stage (15th January 2020)

Halla Eanna

Typical WC facilities

Lower ground floor area leading directly to pitch

Typical first floor classroom

First floor facilities overlooking 3G pitch area

Alternative view overlooking 3g pitch area

First floor corridor area

Inbuilt screens and boards within classroom

Feature ceiling within corridor

View showing clear ceiling voids etc

3g pitch with goal markings on walls

Typical changing facilities

Alternative view of benching within changing area

Rear internal staircase

Ground floor foyer area

Kitchen facilities

Ground floor to 3g pitch area

Alternative view of WC facilities on ground floor

Gable ballwall area

Entrance view towards upper pitch and vista beyond

Internal view from foyer

Ground floor lift which travels from Lower Ground floor pitch level, up to first floor classrooms

Upper roundabout area adjacent to entrance

Elevational view at external fire escape stairs hidden from direct view behind cedar facade

Typical elevational detailing

Gable ballwall

Access road approach

Approach to building

Bin store

Cycle shelter adjacent to building entrance

Access road at lower pitch

Access road leading down to existing roadway leading to clubhouse

Update: 6th November 2019

View from gable, towards lower apron pitch level

Bike stand under construction

Gable ballwall

Fire escape enclosure timbers being fixed in place.

A view of gable feature

Rear elevation nearing completion

An example of stair detailing

Generally, works nearing completion, with end of November official completion.

Update: 9th October 2019

Foyer as viewed from interior

Staircase with handrails completed

View of 3G pitch from access corridor

Proposed shop area within foyer space nearing completion

First floor classroom with view over 3g pitch area

View of roofing over 3g pitch area

Rear ballwall area and proximity to upper pitch ballstop netting

Corridor leading to future proposed Gym area

Lower level staircase nearing completion

View within future proposed Gym area

First floor classroom at entrance side of building

Another classroom located to rear of building

Automatic opening rooflights

Ceiling grid in place, first floor corridor

Painting underway within changing areas

Wall tiling underway with changing areas

View of 3g pitch from first floor classroom area

Pitch level apron area partly completed

Roundabout taking shape with bike storage area in place

Gabions in place to accommodate change in levels

Bitmac surfacing to rear ballwall area

View of rear ballwall area

Rear elevation nearing completion

View from high bank area

View of fire escape area prior to cladding with cedar

Current view of building on approach

Works progressing towards completion; Final groundworks commencing over next few weeks.

Scheme completion is scheduled for December 2019.

Update: 22nd August 2019

Tank compound and bin store under construction.

Rear still awaiting cladding

View of pitch from first floor area

Typical door construction.

Near completion first floor room.

Windows installed to lower ground floor level.

Entrance approach view

Fire escape stair enclosure under construction.

Works nearing completion. September 2019 noted.

Update: 10th July 2019

View from basement area. Apron surfacing applied, glazing in place and cedar cladding progressing. This area may be future gym and changing rooms.

View of ballwall to gable of building. Hardcored area to have tarmac surfacing applied soon.

View of path to rear of build joining roundabout area to gable ballwall

View of internal 3g pitch area

Closer view of apron to basement level area

View of roundabout under construction

Roundabout kerbing under construction

View of first floor corridor

View of building on approach. Cedar cladding progressing. Glazing also in place.

View from inside basement area, out towards pitch.

Closer view of roundabout under construction

View from entrance lobby area outwards

Perimeter path linking main footpath to basement apron area

Closer view of basement level glazing and apron surfacing

View of 3g pitch area ceiling showing lighting layout and rooflights

Generally, works progressing as programme. Electricity now on. Glazing near completion and finishing foreman brought in, to close out final works.

Anticipated completion date is end of August 2019

Update: 17th June 2019

Gabion wall completion at Lower Ground Floor level

Land drainage adjacent to pitch

Gable/front elevation view as external envelope continuing

Closer view of applying Tyvek this morning

Internal walls completed to first floor area

View of roof/wall junction within first floor area

View of Hall from first floor area

Parts of window frames awaiting insertion

Pitch side view earlier this morning

Windows frames installed

View of access to fitting Tyvek, battens and eventually, cedar timber boarding

View from entrance location

Entrance view

Hillside view

Update: 16th May 2019

Building on approach. Preparation work for timber cladding nearing completion.

Drainage works near completion outside lower basement area.

Rear of building almost ready for timber cladding also.

View of hall from first floor offices/classroom area.

Metal studwork underway

Work progressing but beyond original completion date (+8 weeks) and likely (+10 weeks by completion.

NIE power now brought to site. Awaiting connection to building.

Roofing works complete so enabling progress on external facade.

Update: 29th April 2019

After Easter, site was opened Wednesday to Friday of last week.

View on approach. Roofing works being completed to allow installation of fall arrest system and removal of edge barriers to allow cladding to progress.

Electrical works ongoing !

Mechanical works ongoing !

View of sample cladding nail holes, which were not accepted. Subject to revision before commencement.

Alignment of nail holes not accepted. Subject to revision also.

Floor insulation arrived on site for inclusion in Works as photo below also.

Containment being installed within Hall area for cabling etc

First floor area as earlier today.

Main activities are completion of roofing and ongoing M&E installation.

Roofing works due to complete this week and allow fall arrest insertion and dropping of edge protection to allow Cedar Cladding to progress as per revised programme.

Update: 15th April 2019

Pitch view of elevational works as of this morning.

Entrance approach progress

View from bank side

Gable view with precast panels forming outside ballwall in place.

Fire escape staircase under construction  and due for completion by Wednesday.

M&E works progressing

Internal view as building closed in and drying out.

Internal view towards first floor classroom areas

Update: 20th March 2019

Insulation being fixed to external walls

View on approach !

Ballwall gable before precast panels are fixed in place.

A few days later, battens fixed to walls in preparation for timber cladding.

Pitch side view

Generally, roofing works being completed. Rooflights in place and timber cladding to facade to commence very soon.

Internal drying out ongoing and metal studwork to commence next week.

Anticipated completion June 2019

Update: 20th February 2019

View today towards entrance. Cladding started.

Side elevation with cladding underway.

Closer view showing access etc

View from rear,  showing proposed ballwall location. Actual concrete panelling to commence soon.

View of ground area around proposed ballwall area

Entrance area leading to hall

Access to lift area

View from hall area, up towards first floor classrooms etc

Stair access between floors

View from first floor area

View across  first floor area, as cladding progresses. Metal studwork to form classroom soon.

Another similar view.

Basement area

View from rear, showing access area

View of basement area, window openings formed.

Generally, works progressing with M&E ongoing. Roof covering and external cladding progressing speedily from tomorrow.

Update: 23rd January 2019

View of internal hall area

Alternative view back towards first floor classrooms etc

Panorama view of Hall area

External wall cladding under way

Approach view of building

Access road approach to building.

First dusting of snow. Works continuing apace. Roofing underway and External walling progressing. Timbet cladding starting soon. M&E progressing also.

Anticipated completion date 23rd May 2019

Update: 9th January 2019

Approach to front entrance

From high bank location

View of precast panelling to open hall area

View from rear location of site

View from pitch level

Generally, works restarted Monday 7th January 2019 after Christmas holiday break.

Roof decking to commence and external walling completion ongoing.

M&E works ongoing.

Update: 6th December 2018

Metal decking for roof ready for crane lift into place

View towards entrance of building

Slab area being prepared for concrete pour

Blockwork underway !

Update: 9th November 2018

Views of building on approach

View of rear embankment

View of rear gable end where ball wall to be located

Another view showing extent of space created for proposed ball wall activities

Lower ground floor level facing pitch side

View from pitch side

Generally, works progressing with roofing to commence soon.

Anticipated completion date May 2019

Update: 17th October 2018

Access road formed and base course due to be laid next week

Roundabout formation adjacent to building entrance underway

View from upper bank looking towards entrance area of building

Closer view showing precast slab installation as ongoing

View from pitch area with cladding rails being fixed to structural frame

View showing lower ground level area which shall be fitted out at later date

Brick sample panels for client review

Generally, works progressing at pace and taking shape. Depending on weather, further progress expected on external timber cladding and roofing over next few months.

Update: 19th September 2018

Steelwork erection started on site

View from upper roundabout location

View from rear boundary, at highest point

View back towards contractors compound area

Stanchions erected and being braced

View of steelwork brought onto site for erection

View of backfilling to make up ground levels to rear of lift area

View from lower ground or pitch level toward retaining back wall

View down access road prior to kerbing and surfacing works

Works progressing, with steelwork erection paused due to windy weather today.

Precast slabs being procured and laid over next few weeks

Update: 5th September 2018

On approach to building, view of works in progress today

Closer view of lift shaft walls

Same location, view from lift opening side

Pop ups placed for lower ground floor drainage points

Typical view of retaining wall, tanking and protective layer

View over lower basement level

View of upper level strip foundations and pad foundations with backfilling to same foundation level

Works progressing as revised programme,  anticipated 1 month additional time to contract

Update: 15th August 2018

View of outfall at lower pitch level

View of levels being made up with hardcore at upper point of site

Digger grading hardcore ramp down towards front of site

View of LGF level (lower ground floor) with 3.2m high retaining wall to rear

View of site generally from approach point

Views towards lift shaft with insitu concrete walls being formed

Preparations for final stage of retaining wall construction

Long view of upper level foundations

View of flank retaining wall

Views of bituthene waterproofing membrane to back of retaining wall

Generally, works progressing. Steelwork due end of August 2018

Update: 7th August 2018

Tempory spoil deposited and graded around designated site locations

Example of precast manhole base with proprietary channels

Earth embankment to side and rear to gable of building profiled to match rear ground embankment, creating large level area for exterior ball-wall

Temporary spoil heaps deposited along side of upper pitch

Alternative view of rear embankment

Example of formwork to form steelwork pad foundation with holding down bolts in place

Pad foundation complete and formwork removed

Formwork and reinforcement to rear spine retaining wall

View of retaining wall as completed

View of site from side embankment

Video clip of pouring concrete into pad foundation formwork

Update: 25th July 2018

View of site earlier today

Lower level retaining walls under construction

Formwork being erected for retaining walls

View standing on upper slab area with ground graded back to rear of site

Update: 16th July 2018

View of site earlier today, from higher ground level

View as cross section of site in preparation for foundations

Rear bank grading works nearing completion, to assist access to rear of building for cranage etc

Harris fencing as demarcation between site boundary and Croi Eanna club facilities for duration of works

Generally, as contractor back to work today after July holiday break, preparations being made for foundation excavations later this week/early next week.

Update: 23rd June 2018

Works underway !

Health & Safety paramount !

FORRME has established site setup and promptly commenced earthworks.

PTE requirements clearly indicated for all !

View of earthworks completed and site of community hall itself.

Update: 18th May 2018

Scheme approval received. Pre-contract meeting scheduled for next week.

Start on site as agreed thereafter.

Contractor is FORRME, Coalisland, Co. Tyrone. Formerly Donaghmore Construction Ltd.