Below is an small example of what is more likely to happen over coming weeks and UK/NI devolved government actions required to address all these points of concern;

Tender was issued yesterday and client emailed today!


Dear Team

From Tuesday 17 March of this week we started to see some of our customers laying off hundreds of workers yet some of the other sectors we supply are very busy………… but will we get paid?

In addition suppliers will go to cash over the coming month/s. Last night after the tender went out on the 18th ,the local news was very unsettling.

The end result is that we will have to protect cash so that our business’s survive. Hence I have taken the decision to delay the tender process and want to prevent the contractors wasting time.

For that reason please send an email out to the 5 companies apologising, saying we have decided to defer the tender by 6 months (or earlier if matters improve before then).

I think this is sensible and means we can hopefully pick up the tender once normality returns.