02 Apr 2020

Update: 2/4/2020

Where builders continue to be asked to tender for schemes (which is happening at present), the fairest advice is to price/estimate as normal and note that prices for certain elements may be subject to review if the supplier future quote includes any uplift due to Covid 19 pandemic outworking,

Shall apply more to specialist items like Windows & Doors, M&E etc but should be stance taken where entering into any contracts, especially smaller works, like Extensions to Dwellings etc.

Fairness and understanding the main watchwords. Unfair for clients to expect Fixed Price Tenders in the circumstances which prevail. Verified invoices can explain any requested increases in cost.




QUINTIN QS operating as near normal for majority of clients, following the Government official advice.

For certain existing Clients, beginning to work remotely from the home office, which is fully operational.

Site visits and other activities are suspended until advised otherwise.