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As a creative and innovative web tool, to complement traditional procurement practices, QUINTIN QS designed QUANTUM with the aims listed below, in order to adopt and adapt to online business environment, to save time and cost within the construction industry, as every business strives to procure work as cost effectively as possible and control office labour costs !


1) Have local, urban and rural firms present their products and prices, available 24/7 on one reliable, impartial website with image and video interactions at varying levels

2) Have a simple, passive, intelligent facility to send out best price inquiries fast and efficient with minimal effort

3) Have the ability to attach files and broadcast to multiple suppliers instantly

4) Ensure contacts relevant and updated as suppliers added and personnel change job roles

5) Be cost effective and contain no mandatory monthly fees

6) Open to all, small, medium and large, creating a level playing field for businesses on limited marketing budgets

7) QUANTUM CONNECT shall be deemed a useful tool when existing and new users encourage other suppliers to seek a presence on QUANTUM CONNECT and expand the product/service range and geographical coverage !