MSM Contracts Ltd achieved practical completion of Phase 4 extension works in January 2018 at the Ulster Independent Clinic, Stranmillis Road, Belfast.


Update: 23rd November 2018

Phase 5 practical completion achieved on 5th November as programmed.

This complex phase completes the current run of building work (Phase 4 major Extension and Phase 5 internal refurblishment) at the Ulster Independent Clinic.


Update: 23rd October 2018

Entrance area as completed


Visual chart showing layout of new facilities


Example of fitting out within existing areas


Bright airy surroundings formed in main thoroughfares


Example of finish to stairs area


Example of interior joinery on completion


Example of areas refurbished and specialist equipment installed

Generally, works on Phase 5 due for practical completion by 5th November 2018, as per programme



Update: 19th September 2018

New reception area within existing clinic nearing completion


Reception counter area being formed



Entrance area being modified to improve fenestration and modify roofing over existing staircase area.

Generally, works progressing through critical phase, ahead of installation of X-Ray machine and final interface works where linking with existing areas and coordination with a busy thoroughfare at lift area being re-tiled. Out of hours activities scheduled to meet programming requirements.

Anticipated completion date for building works around Halloween.



Update: 14th June 2018

Phase 4 opened to public on Monday past.

Phase 5 internal alterations ongoing and due for completion October 2018.


Update: 18th April 2018

Phase 4 Extension elevation on completion


Phase 5 underway – Internal partitions nearing completion.

Ceiling grids in position

Some tricky encounters


Phase 4 works complete and subject to final snagging.

Phase 5 works on programme and due for completion by mid October 2018.


Update: 20th March 2018

MSM commenced the Internal Phase 5 works January 2018.

Completion is scheduled for September 2018.