04 Sep 2020


With a focus on Northern Ireland, but applying worldwide, the near panic to get people safely back to their places of work, either building site, factory, office etc, the simple issue of supply and demand has to be addressed by those able to influence such !

Repairs and renewal of our built environment is known worldwide as a key driver of economic success.

In construction industry terms, schemes need to have progressed from drawing board to being shovel ready and have cleared all the hurdles leading up to that point !

That’s where the focus should be, minimise the hurdles and clear any current blockages or delays, either by active intervention or fast track legislation for post COVID-19 emergency re-booting of the economy, and to shield against BREXIT WTO cliff edge scenario in January 2021 and beyond.

Where real demand increases, the issues relating to consumerism, apprenticeships, staff retention, successful profitable bidding by firms and generally stimulation of the local economy shall make the task of governments easier and avoid pouring tax payers money down the drain by supporting businesses which are doomed to eventual failure when the props are removed towards the end of 2020.

With the simple drainage analogy, get the pipeline (of work) unblocked and flowing towards full bore !

In the short term, a task force should access all viable schemes across NI and push them towards shovel ready status and procurement.

In the medium term, planning system should be reformed to streamline procedures and move focus to responsible economic planning decisions.