23 Oct 2019




Update: QUANTUM Connect user base growing as we approach 4th quarter 2019.

The news reported today (23/10/2019) of fines for price fixing cartels within the construction industry is inevitably the tip of the iceberg and the possibility of happening throughout the industry is real, as money and greed is the bottom line factor !

The muddier the waters, the better chance to overcharge customers and clients.

Nothwithstanding the issues over Brexit, the business community can only continue to maintain and develop their business links local, national and internationally without unnecessary impediments.


QUANTUM Connect is designed to overlay these trade relationships and is the only transparent, tailored digital platform, serving customers and suppliers, aimed to increase competition and productivity in the inquiry process, in Euro or Sterling.

No other QS practice offers this facility to independently match customers with suppliers and more cost effective than traditional advertising media as we maximise the effective use of social media and smart phone / computer usage. It has increased our own efficiency on a daily basis so proving it’s usefulness, thus lowering our hourly cost per job.

Frustrated at time taken to issue to repetitive inquiries, to persons who you are told are out, not at the end of a landline phone in an office, or to the wrong contacts, or just not aware/knowing of new suppliers with more competitive costs?

We aimed to eliminate such time wasting activities, which resulted in QUANTUM Connect.


Person you want can be anywhere, with a smart phone, and receive full facts of your inquiry !

Register your details and encourage other users to register on QUANTUM Connect, which we shall approve and allow user access.

Three levels of use are available

  1. View the banner panels and tap each for respective company websites.
  2. Drill through top level headers which are generally aligned with Elements of a Building.
  3. Where user wishes for further information from supplier, select product/s or generic ‘further info’ product and add to inquiry list. Multiple products can be chosen at one time.
  4. Proceed to give scheme/job details and attached a file or zip file (if more than one file)

Additional suppliers are being added weekly !

Used on current projects and resulting in real cost savings.

Any comments or queries, please advise.