07 Sep 2019

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For reasons totally unknown 🤔, the prospect of an early General Election is high, especially if regulatory alignment in the Irish Sea is not on the table as a means of solving the main Brexit issue.

Brexit is the defining issue of our times. Boris Johnson is pulling out all the stops to get a General Election and we all know why: if he tried to put his vision of a No Deal Brexit back to the people in a referendum, he would probably lose.

But in our electoral system he doesn’t need much more than a third of the votes to get a majority in Parliament. Then he gets to do whatever he wants to our jobs, our public services and our country.

A People’s Vote to decide whether we leave or stay in the European Union is the only way to resolve the Brexit crisis.

But, if Johnson gets his election, it will be an election like no other in our history.

It will decide if the likes of Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage can force their undemocratic No Deal Brexit on us – or whether the people will be trusted to solve this crisis in a democratic final say referendum.

As we find out so much more about what the Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans would mean, it has already prised loose the political allegiances of millions of people.

This is an historic opportunity for smart, tactical voting and campaigning to secure a majority for a People’s Vote in the new Parliament.

The leaders of the Vote Leave campaign now occupying Downing Street, like Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings, think they have this all stitched up.

But they know in their hearts that they do not have the support of the people.

It is the job of all of us to stop them from getting away with it.