Requesting the opening of your local HRC in Portaferry ? whilst Newtownards, Comber and Bangor are open !

For what its worth, click on the image above to contact the new mayor, Cllr Trevor Cummings, appointed earlier today and share your views.

Traffic management issues, amongst other other excuses, being given by certain elected representatives and council officials as excuses for continued closure. Suggested that we store material or travel to other centres, no matter what your circumstances.

Equality ? Not for people of Portaferry and surrounding areas. Receive your rates bill this week ?

Update: 8th June 2020

As our elected representatives have gone underground, or choosing not to respond or constructively communicate, sharing this information received this morning…

Newtownards HRC only opens at 3pm Monday to Friday.

Usually queues at Bangor HRC.

Told by council staff that Kircubbin HRC may be opening on MONDAY 15TH JUNE, by appointment only.

Police Service supposed to be preventing Portaferry HRC opening due to traffic management issues. Solutions ?

Advised also that staffing issues preventing opening of Portaferry HRC.


Update: 6th June 2020

The people of Newtownards, Comber, Bangor and surrounding areas are fortunate to have their HRCs open.

As our bins are currently full, and with no storage for smelling bags, we gathered up all rubbish and headed to our nearest open HRC. Never mind high risk resident worried about my travel to higher risk urban areas, it’s a risk I am told to take.

And with visit, Council staff had no PPE, area was busy with people crossing over one another and no markings on concrete to help and channel visitors.

Many thanks to our Council for the equality shown to the people of Upper Ards.

As folk complain about paying their rates bill which arrived this week, speak up and ask what you are not getting for your hard earned money.

I was told last week that we were the ‘talk of the country’ but that person would not give me any of the names when asked not once, but twice……faceless criticism…old saying, ‘if talking about you, they are leaving someone else alone’

This makes me more determined to highlight the inequalities in how the Upper Ards area is treated compared to the rest of the council area.

Investigating merits of legal challenge to the fair and equal application of council decisions to all areas and particularly addressing from Stormont direction…not just on the Portaferry HRC excuses.