Updated 27th June 2019:  

Tenders received back and being assessed via the Priceable Schedule of Works (BQ) in Excel.

A proposed two storey dwelling as above image.

Contractors asked what they thought of Priceable Schedule (BQ) and feedback was positive. Notwithstanding the onus on the tenderer to check the computation and our understanding that the PDF of the original tender documents shall be the Contract Version (two key issues addressed due to past industry instances of  less honourable tenderers attempting to alter documents)

Point 1 – Schedule issued in Trade format thus ready for quotation issue to suppliers and sub-contractors.

Point 2 – Excel auto-fill ready thus saving time on manually setting up formulae by contractor.

Point 3 – Client still receives elemental cost breakdowns or the traditional building, drainage, siteworks breakdown etc.

We use Causeway Technologies software and proven reliable in terms of Excel generation of documents and auto-fill formulae. We also input tenders into our CATO system thus an important arithmetic check.

In summary, the most efficient means of tender issue and return, therefore being adopted on all future schemes.

Whether Client, Architect or Builder, please contact for competitive fee quotes. Avoids disputes and the Courts.

And most importantly, in seeking tenders for any size of scheme, compare apples with apples.