SpouncerEcology is a local, dynamic and innovative environmental consultancy based in Portaferry Northern Ireland on the shores of Strangford Lough.

Celia Spouncer and David Thompson have years of experience providing expertise in ecology survey, countryside management, professional wildlife guide services, biodiversity planning, natural landscape design local regeneration and sustainability projects and award winning garden design. Click on image below for website and further contact details.



Celia and David are undertaking an exciting residential project near Portaferry, working with Kate Rebbeck Architect. Click on image below for website and further contact details.



Under this blog, QUINTIN QS aims to explain to prospective clients the process involved in bringing a scheme from a dream to hopeful reality. Click on image below for website and further contact details.

November 2019

Planning application lodged



September 2019















1.A site with existing planning permission for a dwelling, with foundation already excavated.

2. Fresh planning application to be made October 2019. New client considering their own scheme and aiming to incorporate works already undertaken, into their design, in so far as possible.

3. Initial sketches and plans provided to prepare Rev 0 budget based on standard building technology and materials.

4. Client/Architect meeting held to review Rev 0 budget, element by element. Discussion held as to client overall aims and requirements but mindful of budget.

5. Following meeting, Rev 1 budget prepared, taking into account all points raised and reconciled to Rev 0 budget to show relative movement between elements.

6. Alternative accommodation requirements/features suggested and circulated for Rev 2 costing consideration, against backdrop of Rev 1 budget issued.

7. Rev 2 budget estimate issued. Client to consider final inclusions for planning application.