04 Aug 2017

Open for business 24/7. After weeks of design thought and programming, we welcome the soft launch of the optional facility to purchase Cost Information / E-tender Excel format proforma Schedules/BQs as made available from our library.

QUINTIN QS are making available standardised repetitive information at a significant discount to cost of actual preparation where undertaken from first principles, thus reducing your costs. Why re-invent the wheel, when already done?

Available shall be BCIS format cost analyses, for which further information on nature of build can be provided upon request; Priced BQs for mining item rates for comparison purposes; Complete or part complete Excel BQs where all items listed but quantum to be adjusted to your current scheme requirements.

Over the coming months, we aim to pilot the availability of such information to assist design team members, clients, contractors and tradesmen, to efficiently and cost effectively source QS input.

We welcome constructive requests for information and shall tailor future uploads to such requests where possible.

Tap logo below for download section. For introductory period, and limited to 1 coupon per user, avail of 50% discount on quoted cost.

Coupon Ref is.         QCless50%