Notwithstanding the current pandemic, there are people in business who will not give a damn about those affected and the work being done by the NHS, only concerned about how they are affected in terms of money.



For people in business, their priority is minimising the loss of money and aiming to make money where the opportunity exists or being talked about.

They may provide some very visual support but only cosmetic and minimal cost, to give impression they are concerned.

This blog is noting the winners and losers, in a business sense, based on observations to date, and conversations with clients and industry professionals.

Basically, we are talking money …. shall be updated weekly to reflect any new observations.



Taiwan – As a country, Taiwan took early action and has control of the infection numbers and able to restart business activities, selling computers, webcams etc, heavily in demand by many developed countries setting up home working facilities.

Estate Agents/Residential Landlords – Those engaged in sourcing accommodation for NHS staff near hospitals.

Multiple business premises lessee – Aware of business who operates multiple premises and availing of grants for each premises and counter demanding rental holidays from landlords.

Delivery services Traditional businesses which are seen as essential and allowed to remain open are faced with no visiting customers and therefore implementing delivery services.



Property landlords – Residential renters and commercial lessee are in a state of flux.

Residential landlords hoping government underwriting tenant rents for those sitting at home and this is not certain and a worry for landlords, who enjoyed the income and increasing value of the property, are seeing both elements evaporate and estate agents will scramble to talk up/prop up the market to protect their own business and livelihoods.

Commercial landlords are basically being threatened by tenants demanding rent holidays and cancellations over multiple years, or otherwise business vacating premises.

Perishable goods producers Horticultural nursery producers are seeing no outlet for their products when they require space for beginning next years production cycle.

Dairy farmers With demand for milk reduced, farm gate prices are under pressure and if break even price reached, dumping shall follow unless government measures to sustain demand.

Small businesses¬†With the demand side of equation stopped, cashflow is one direction, outwards….grants are stalled for majority of micro businesses and bank CBILS providing loans are seeing only 2% uptake so fundamental review required.

Further updates to follow…