If you are a contractor pricing for work, don’t you want things to be simple and efficient ?

Consider this….(x) if familar with shopping online for any product, you browse, view, select and purchase…. all from the comfort of your home/office/car etc, at any time of day or night.

Imagine now…..(y) sitting with a job to price, tender deadline highlighted and possibly 2 or 3 other similar tenders sitting in the queue also ! where start ?

Why could you not do (x) and save some time and effort ? Impossible until now….QUANTUM allows this unique possibility, a first in Northern Ireland and beyond.

Therefore (x) + (y)   = QUANTUM, view the product being priced, select each listed supplier into your basket, attached single drawing or a zip file of multiple documents and issue simultaneous inquiries on that required product in one click ! Await return quotes ! Repeat down your full list of required products or services. Simple and efficient !

We source and list all reputable suppliers, any location, each with a current direct email address and ensure details remain current should contacts change jobs etc.

Products and suppliers being added regularly !

Visit QUANTUM, register and try !