In preparation of BQ documents as part of tendering procurement, Clients and Contractors should be aware that SMM7 is still being used successfully within the UK and around the world but NRM2 is recommended by RICS as best practice.  In the worst-case scenario of a legal dispute, the court or tribunal might ask why NRM has not been used and as the NRM suite is no longer considered new, it is considered that there is no real defense.

As described previously, NRM2 provides up-to-date rules for measurement when procuring work with Bills of Quantities and anyone preparing and pricing a BQ should be familiar with the rules as some items are deemed to be included although not stated.

QUINTIN QS offered BQ preparation in SMM7, CESMM3, or NRM2 using the latest CAUSEWAY, CATO electronic software.

QUINTIN QS currently preparing BQ using NRM2.