Seven years ago, I designed an online tool to help with estimating and costing process within the construction industry, in Ireland, between North and South, then usable within the British Isles and within Europe and thus worldwide, wherever a customer/supplier can be found.


With Brexit and all the trade issues raised, its usefulness became ever more obvious……

With persistence (or stubbornness), QUANTUM was changed, tweaked and modified as its use increased, to bring together more and more suppliers and customers, from everywhere.

Recently, having watched ‘The Founder’ about how McDonalds started out, it gave inspirational insight into the various problems McDonalds encountered and shows how slow progress can be !

So persistence and belief don’t cost me money I don’t have !

If I can do my work more efficient, faster, consistent and less costly than my competitors, then it’s worth the effort !

Time will tell !

Fears of borders and barriers are in the mind of a few, not in the mind of the general public voter trying to earn a living for their families !