Albeit tough to start, maintain and develop any business, we have to persist if our basic aim is to be honest, fair and transparent in offering our QS services to clients and contractors/subcontractors.

We have altered our business model to sidestep and compete with basic jealously and vested interests blocking our path.  Survival is key. Can we reach customers directly and provide an improved, valued service to our customers? Not sure, but persistence required and some luck ! In conjunction with our QS services, should we offer steely, turnkey development services also?  We are exploring these options, from site identification and purchase, through to building handover and maintenance.

To help our customers with the dramatic effect on business with the COVID-19 lockdown and phased recovery due, we are offering our smaller, regular and new clients a £50 assistance voucher on future QS services, including cost estimates and pricing of schemes of up to £250,000

For access to our online fixed priced vouchers, there is a separate post Online Vouchers which offers 6 different competitively priced vouchers for range of services as indicated.

Where you select and purchase a voucher, use the code gv50 which shall automatically apply the £50 gift voucher when processing your payment. If purchasing multiple services, use qless20 if overall basket saving is deemed higher.

Government policy is to maintain and encourage the economy once the lockdown ends and phased return to some form of new normality. Our interactions and ways of working throughout the construction industry, from client to sub-contractors and suppliers will change dramatically, and online communications and interactions shall become the new normal for survival of business.

We understand the problems going forward. We aim to continue to assist our existing clients and welcomed new clients.

Please email for further assistance and quotations.