06 Dec 2018

QUINTIN QS appointed to cost manage a D+B scheme providing 34nr semi attached dwellings, in Castlewellan, Co.Down   Update: 6th December 2018 View showing boundary wall of adjacent property after temporary shoring and permanent retaining works completion   Panoramic view of Plot 1/2 following wall construction   Plot 1/2 substructures completion. Represents final plot in […]

05 Dec 2018

  As a creative and innovative web tool, to complement traditional procurement practices, QUANTUM has been designed with the aims listed below, in order to adopt and adapt to online business environment, to save time and cost within the construction industry, as every business strives to procure work as cost effectively as possible and control […]

30 Nov 2018

http://www.quintinqs.com/quantum/index.php?route=product/search&filter_name=Joinery   Above link is an example where, a well known NI businessman (on Linkedin) inquired about sourcing the production of joinery products, in this instance, 2000 wardrobe doors. We forwarded the above link from QUANTUM to the inquirer. Click to view. If your business is listed, please note you may receive a direct inquiry […]

23 Nov 2018

  MSM Contracts Ltd achieved practical completion of Phase 4 extension works in January 2018 at the Ulster Independent Clinic, Stranmillis Road, Belfast.   Update: 23rd November 2018 Phase 5 practical completion achieved on 5th November as programmed. This complex phase completes the current run of building work (Phase 4 major Extension and Phase 5 […]

20 Nov 2018

    On QUANTUM are D-Tech Design Ltd, who provide a design service for the UK and Ireland Timber Frame and SIPS Industries. In the recent past, D-Tech Design were involved in the expansion of Corriewood Private Clinic, Castlewellan, Co. Down. D-Tech Design are currently involved in the construction of 34nr dwellings at Mountainview, Castlewellan, […]

16 Nov 2018

The compromise brexit deal on offer is good for Northern Ireland and Ireland generally. For business and agriculture, as good as possible. 10 NI industry bodies have voiced their support of the deal, including the Ulster Farmers Union. To this end, letting our MP and Senior Tory ministers know the groundswell of opinion in favour […]