11 Feb 2019

  Original blog issue: 29-1-2019 Interested in having your site plans or farmland plans digitally measured for confirmation of measurements or addition to legal documents ? Using the latest available measurement software, where given one confirmed measurement, we can take your pdf or photographic site plans and measure the key surface areas quickly and cost […]

07 Feb 2019

Update:7-2-2019 Little change since Nov 2017. When Architects/Contract Administrators issue Pricing Schedules as part of Drawings and Spec Tender issue, at the very least, tender assessment should be carried out on the basis of comparing each contractors Pricing Schedule. On a recent scheme, only one contractor {the one I was pricing on behalf of !} […]

04 Feb 2019

  Our profession, Quantity Surveying, developed out of Master Builders thinking it was more efficient to have some one entity prepare quantities and save the traditional six master builders each doing such ! Made sense and worked well for many years thereafter, until now, where the industry has fragmented with quantities and pricing preparation driven […]

31 Jan 2019

QUINTIN QS appointed to cost manage a D+B scheme providing 34nr semi attached dwellings, in Castlewellan, Co.Down   Update: 31st January 2019 Final build on site   Completed Plot of 2   View from lower site. Works progressing apace. Weather holding up well. All trades actively progressing through their workloads. External works being brough along […]

13 Jan 2019

  R-Tek Manufacturing Ltd manufacture R-Tile design tile and dovetail interlocking industrial tiles. Design tile £45/m2 fitted guide price 10 year warranty. www.r-tile.com   On a current retail scheme, shop floor being laid   Portion of shop floor as completed   Close up image showing underside of one tile showing locking pattern   Upper side, […]

04 Jan 2019

  As we return to business after Christmas holidays, the sentiment going forward to BREXIT date is beginning to really bite and activity dry up, where decisions turn to indecision and thus leave many schemes stalled and buyers/consumers being risk averse, with savings left alone and credit applications forgot about. Interest rates sentiment is upwards […]