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Beam Alliance
The new Beam range from Electrolux gives you breakthrough innovation that elevates vacuum cleanin..
Beam Axco Cube
Manufactured exclusively for Beam Vacuum and Ventilation, the Axco Cube unit is the first modular..
Beam Dust and Fume Extraction
We offer a range of Dust and Fume extraction systems including centralised systems, portable dust..
Beam Fixed Vacuum System
Centralised vacuum cleaning system can be utilised to remove dust and debris created in the produ..
Beam Mechanical extract ventilation (MEV)
A low energy continuous mechanical extract ventilation systems designed with multiple extract poi..
Beam Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR)
Sometimes referred to as Heat Recovery ventilation or MVHR, our range of AXCO Counter flow and Ro..
Beam Mundo
Our economy Beam Mundo vacuum feature a strong motor performance with high suction power and long..
Beam Pneumatic Conveying
Simple, safe and convient transportation of powder and granules from multiple sources around the ..
Beam Portable Vacuum Cleaners
Atex industrial vacuum cleaners are designed for dust and debris collection . A range of differen..
Beam Positive input ventilation (PIV)
Help stop condensation and mould growth in homes by providing fresh filtered air from a central l..
Beam Serenity
Based on the original Beam platform, the serenity range of vacuum units have larger diameter meta..
Further info ! (3Y Group)
Request to 3Y Group about pricing a general scheme or particular requirements ..
Further info ! (Beaufort Interiors)
Request to Beaufort Interiors, Moira for pricing of products as indicated on attached drawings et..
Further info ! (Down PVC Systems Ltd)
Request to Down PVC Systems Ltd  for pricing of products as indicated on attached drawings e..
Further info ! (Olympic Lifts Ltd)
General enquiry to Olympic Lifts Ltd for pricing of products as indicated on attached drawings et..
Further info ! (The Glass Shutter Company Ltd)
Request to The Glass Shutter Company Ltd for pricing of products as indicated on a..
Further info ! Maghera Granite Worktops & Fireplaces (Michael McKenna)
Marble Contractor ..