Retention piling using 750mm diameter contiguous piles less than 8m high retained (Commercial) (Per linear metre on plan)

Budget costs for retention piling solution to retain embankments etc; Includes 1) Management and Supervision, Providing and assembling all labour and plant on site and remove on completion; 2) Maintaining all labour and plant and moving between and setting up at pile positions; 3) Supply and install 750mm diameter contiguous pile guide wall and piles at 900mm centres; 4) Testng of concrete cubes and Integrity Testing; 5) Insurances and Design Fee; 6 ) Vibration & Noise monitoring excluded (Guide rate £600.00 per Week); 7) Standing Time per Rig excluded (Outside DAWSON WAM's control - Guide Rate £450/hr)

SPECIA NOTE: Relates to retaining piling alone and does not include capping beam, concrete infll or facings to the retaining structure.