Update: 26th June 2019

Following representations and discussions by Gary McElvogue of Streams Architectural Design, on aspects of scheme proposals, approval from planners finally received today.

Phase 1 Tender Documents being finalized for issue.

Any groundsworks contractors interested in pricing the significant external works element should contact accordingly for addition to tendering list.

Aiming for issue towards end of next week, say 5th July 2019.



Update: 16th April 2019

Client gives approval to Phase 1 Tender preparation.

+ + + + + + + +

QUINTIN QS appointed as QS on a scheme involving Extensions to an Existing Dwelling overlooking the scenic town of Whitehead, Co. Antrim.

Due to complexity of works, split into two distinct separate contracts;

1) Groundworks and External Works (Considerable amount of ground sculpting and A+G Retaining walls to rear of property);


Thereafter, on completion of Phase (1)

Phases (2) and (3) Extensions to Existing Dwelling

Followed by Phase (4), front garden works


Contractors willing to consider either / all contracts should advise of interest.