Welcome to QUINTIN QS !

QUINTIN QS provides an independent, cost effective and flexible QS service to the construction industry, throughout the province of Ulster and beyond.

Updated 18-08-2017…..During the latter part of 2017, we are expanding the download section of www.quintinqs.com to share our knowledge and where possible, simply make your everyday tasks and decision making easier! Discount vouchers available to existing clients and introductory discounts available to new clients. Enquire direct by email to mail@kevinbarryqs.com

Allied to this, with the continued population of QUANTUM, we aim to expand our services to provide a matchmaking platform to facilitate the introduction of customers to suppliers, available 24/7 and 365 days per year. Direct email contacts are provided on listed products/services for ‘hot calling’ in return. Multiple, instantaneous inquiries can be broadcast with simplicity.

Where preferred, online secure settlement of invoices is available, using the secure PayPal link below, which also accepts all major credit and debit cards.


QUANTUM by QUINTIN, a simple matchmaking tool to the initial inquiry process !

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